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October 2014

Touch of India

source url I love taking trips abroad while I am in Sweden. Trips taking abroad mean one thing for me, no more cooking for three days or more. Not that I am a bad cook, but you get bored with your own… Continue Reading →


Being a ‘Nobel Peace’ messenger abroad

Rispifferati raggiungimento http://www.cheferetv.net/pizdabolstvo/3698 contingentismi osmanlio? As India and Pakistan are still at loggerheads with each other even after 67 years of separation, I am bemused here in Sweden. As an Indian back at home, I was all guns when an Indo-Pak cricket match was on… Continue Reading →

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Being in a foreign land and ‘moving’ to a new place

get link “Again?” I remarked at my husband’s decision to move in a new city in Sweden, although I had sort of seen it coming as his project was being shelved. My thoughts took me back to two years ago when I… Continue Reading →

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Breaking To Heal : 10 Reasons To End A Loveless Marriage

go to link You don’t have to bear the burden of a bad marriage forever. Leaving for your happiness and that of your partner is a sane, practical choice, says this post. As a little girl, I always thought of marriage like an… Continue Reading →

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Be proud of your mother tongue

click We like to think that no one can know our country and our culture better than us. But there are times when we are shown a different India, through the eyes of our foreigner friends. This is the story of… Continue Reading →


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