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Be proud of your mother tongue

We like to think that no one can know our country and our culture better than us. But there are times when we are shown a different India, through the eyes of our foreigner friends. This is the story of… Continue Reading →

Scattered impressions of a non-working NRI wife

“So what do you do nowadays?” an acquaintance of mine asked me in one of my husband’s usual cocktail parties at his friends place. While I was lost in the sea of my thoughts, the question definitely didn’t startle me…. Continue Reading →

Lessons From European Summers: Shine Now!

Travel teaches you more things than you can imagine. Here is a wonderful lesson to learn from European summers – shine in the moment! I am brimming, I am beaming, and I am upbeat. Finally, the full-blown European summers are… Continue Reading →

How staying abroad strengthens your relationship

Living abroad must be one of the most challenging situations you will ever face in your life. It not only takes you out of your comfort zone but also places you in uncomfortable situations away from your friends, family and… Continue Reading →

10 faux pas Indians make while travelling abroad

I have been witness to some not-so-cool traits of my fellow Indians when they fly international. Some of the stuff is hilarious, some annoying, some controllable and some we are born with. So what are these? Read and find out:… Continue Reading →

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